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“I founded Complete Systems over 20 years ago with one thought in mind: to assist small to medium size businesses with their computer and information technology needs. I realized that most SMB's (Small and Medium Businesses) don't have the expertise to keep their computer systems running effectively, this wasn't acceptable. I wanted to ensure that they could get the most out of their systems. It's helping people work productively with computers that I enjoy the most. Seeing someone's face light up with the knowledge that their data is safe and their business is running smoothly is something I look forward to with every client.”

Our main philosophy at Complete Systems is: “We focus on your computer needs so that you can focus on your business. After all you didn't start your company to worry about your computers BUT WE DID!!!”

Warren Fine's experience ranges from designing a data center for a fortune 500 company Canadian operation; to designing entire networks for a small and medium sized businesses throughout southern Ontario, Calgary Alberta, Dallas Texas and New York City.

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