IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services by Complete Systems

Drawing on over 35 years of solution-driven, practical experience, Complete Systems will exceed your expectations with our variety of services.
» We understand that your business is unique.
» We understand that your business is different.
» We promise that Complete Systems will provide a cost effective, customized solution for all your requirements!

Warren Fine
President, Complete Systems

Virtual IT Assistance

    Virtual IT
  • Are your computer systems crashing? Do you need help now, and can‘t wait for your slow IT provider to arrive on site?
  • Is your business growing? Do you need more expertise then what you have now?
  • Can‘t justify a full time computer guy? Does your computer guy have other responsibilities around the office?
  • Then Virtual IT assistance is the answer for you!

Remote Desktop Connection

    Remote Desktop Connection
  • Do you need access to your email or important files on your desktop or server when you are not in the office?
  • Remote Desktop Connection allows you to access all the functions of your computer server from any Internet connection in the world

Computer Maintenance and System Care

    Computer Maintenance and System Care
  • Your expertise is your business, ours are your computers
  • Complete Systems will take care of your continuous system maintenance
  • We will do it at a fraction of what it costs for an in-house support person
  • Offer pre-packaged service time options.

High Speed Internet Service

    High Speed Internet Service
  • Internet Problems? not stable always going off line?
  • Too slow? Over priced? Need a static IP address?
  • Our single-point, shared, flexible, high-speed internet solution will fix your internet headaches!

Password Recovery

    High Speed Internet Service
  • Have you ever misplaced the password for an important document or file?
  • Has an employee left your company and took their passwords with them?
  • Complete Systems can assist you in recovering your password for files in many formats.
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