Privacy Policy

  1. No personal information is used by Complete Systems to deliver Internet ads.

    Complete Systems does not use your name, address, email address, or phone number to deliver Internet ads. Complete Systems does use information about your browser and Web surfing to determine which ads to show your browser.

  2. You can control the technologies used to collect information during ad serving.

    Complete Systems asks website operators to link from their privacy policy to ours to allow consumers to opt-out of the Complete Systems ad-serving cookie, so that no unique information or number is associated with your computer's browser if you choose.

  3. Complete Systems encourages all companies with which we do business to engage in fair information practices.

    Complete Systems asks that these companies disclose their relationship with us by providing notice to consumers about the Complete Systems technologies that they use.

  4. The promises we make about information you give us online should be upheld.

    Complete Systems may change its policy as new products are added or old ones are changed, but Complete Systems treats information it owns in a manner consistent with the policy under which it was collected, unless we have your consent to use it differently. If part or all of Complete System¹s businesses are sold or transferred, we will take steps to assure that these same principles apply.

  5. Questions, concerns and comments

    Questions, concerns, comments and complaints can be addressed to For  complaints about personal information collected by this website, you can contact