We have a vast array of suppliers to source the best quality and price for the computer equipment and software that meets your needs. 

Warren Fine
President, Complete Systems

Computer Hardware and Software

  • It‘s hard to keep up with the latest developments in computer hardware and software. Do you have time?
  • Are you interested in having Apple computers but don't know where to start?
  • We will recommend and supply the best equipment and configuration that will best suit your business needs. Whether it‘s Servers, PCs, Macs or Ipads, we will speak with you—not at you—and design a solution that will meet your needs.

Wireless Networking & Remote access

    Wireless Networking
  • Wireless Networking gives you the flexibility to work on the go. Move from location to location or office to office without disconnecting from your network. Link two buildings together without running any wires outside. Provide access to your network securely for your traveling and remote/off-site staff.

Antivirus & Malware Protection

  • Computer viruses & malware are the #1 cause of computer failure! Protect yourself!
  • With "Set It and Forget It" technology we make it easy to shield yourself from viruses.
  • See the latest Antivirus Alerts

Internet Access Sharing and Firewall Protection

    Internet Access from Complete Systems
  • Protect your business and home office computers from hacker attacks while sharing internet access with other workstations.

Web Hosting & Design

    Small Business Web Hosting and Design
  • Are you paying too much to have your website hosted?
  • Is your website as successful as you would like?
  • Complete Systems has the right solution for you.

Server Back Up and Disaster Recovery

    Online Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • A Hard Drive failure or Site Disaster (such as a flood) can cripple your business.
  • We can build you a solution that will protect your data-based technology from the leading manufacturers of disk, tape, and off-site backup systems.
  • Concerned about a site disaster? Complete Systems can document your entire system and create a disaster recovery plan.
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