Wireless Networking & Remote Access

Wireless Networking

Would you like to access the web from your laptop or mobile device wirelessly?



Do you have limited space or do you move around your office with a laptop or tablet frequently?

Are you concerned about hackers connecting to your corporate environment  via a wireless network and want STRONG security?

Do you need to connect two locations and can't run wires between them?

Don't be bound by cabling restrictions any longer! Wireless Network Access from Complete Systems delivers the freedom to configure your network your way. Utilization of "state-of-the-art" wireless technology gives you the ability to set up workstations in ways you never though possible; no cables to install means less expense and less hassle.

The Instant Wireless Access Point's high-powered antenna offers a range of operation of up to 1000 feet, providing seamless roaming throughout your wireless LAN infrastructure; an advanced user authentication feature ensures a high level of network security.

We also offer a host of remote access solutions Click here for more information

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